Value Added Subfloor Systems

PointSIX Durastrand Flooring benefits for builders are real and remarkable. Not only does pointSIX Durastrand Flooring hold the line on edge swell, it completely eliminates the hassle and expense of sanding. It also features a precise tongue-and-groove profile for a secure fit and is APA-approved for structural integrity. And its enhanced OSB recipe features a proprietary blend of resins and waxes for additional moisture resistance as well as dimensional stability. To prove its commitment, pointSIX Durastrand carries a 1-year no-sand guarantee and is guaranteed against delamination for life.

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Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold -
The 50year limited warranty is proof Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold panels perform. Thanks to patent-pending Down Pore self-draining technology and a proprietary edge seal, these panels withstand the elements so well that they can allow framers to extend their building seasons. Edge Gold panels have a 200-day no stand warranty as well.

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Weyerhaeuser Dimond - A diamond is one of the hardest and most impervious materials on earth. And the Diamond panel lives up to that reputation. Diamond has a lifetime warranty and a 500 day no-sand guarantee and backed by Weyerhaeuser's 118-year legacy of quality.

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Advantech Flooring
is a high performace structural panel specifically engineered to provide more water resistance and stability than plywood. Advantech flooring offers a  limited lifetime warranty and a 500 day no-sand guarantee.

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Advantech Subfloor Adhesive

Tri-State Forest Products is your one-stop source for all your lumber and commodity panel needs. Our lumber stock includes but is not limited to: long length lumber, SPF, and southern yellow pine dimension lumber. Our board selection includes pine, cedar, poplar and oak. Our plywood offering includes, hardwood, sanded, sturdi floor, underlayment, lauan, BBOES and sidings. Our OSB selection includes commodity panel to value added products such as Advantech, ZIP System, Edge Gold, Durastrand and more.
Tri-State also carries a full line of fire retardant and treated lumber/plywood products.

Plywood Products


DuraTemp is a plywood siding with an 1/8" primed tempered hardboard face. It is stronger, lighter, and more durable than engineered wood sidings. 25 year warranty. Available in a 4" O.C. and  8" O.C. Sizes: 4x7', 4x8', 4x9', and 4x10'. Thicknesses: 15/32" and 19/32" / Prefinished colors available.




Selex Radiata AC plywood has an outstanding appearance, free of defects, suitable for decorative sheathing, furniture, flooring, laminating and more. The product has excellent weight-volume ratio and makes for easy handling. Exterior glue favors suitability for interiors and exteriors.

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Commodity Sidings & Plywood Products

  • Rated Sheathing

  • Sanded AC & BC

  • T1-11 Deco & Premium

  • Satin Bead

  • Lauan & Underlayment

  • And More

Other OSB Products

Zip System
roof & wall sheathing offer structural panels with built-in protective overlays that eliminate the need for housewrap or felt forever. Simply install the panels, tape the seams with the specialty designed ZIP system tape and you're done.
Please see website for installation instructions

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Commodity OSB

We stock 4x8 panels in 1/4", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2" 19/32" SE & 23/32"  T&G. We also stock 4x9 & 4x10 panels in 7/16". We carry different brands at different times. Some of the brands we carry are Weyerhaueser, GP & RoyOMartin.
Depending on market conditions our OSB product brands can change...
Fire Treated Lumber & Plywood

Hoover Fire Retardant Products
offer proven strength, proven fire performance, proven code compliance, proven smoke toxicity tests. Each piece bears the UL classification mark. Pyro-Guard fire retardant lumber and plywood has a 25 or less flame spread when tested in accordance with ASTM E84. Exterior treatments also available in lumber and plywood (Exterior Fire-X).
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Dimension Lumber Products

2x4 - 2x12, 8'-20' #1/#2 (depending on branch)
#2 SPF: 2x4 - 2x6, 8'-20'
#2 & Btr SPF: 2x4 - 2x10, 8'-20'
#2 & Btr Select SPF: 2x4 - 2x8, 8'-20'
#2 & Btr KD Fir: 2x6 - 2x12, 22'-28'
#2 & Btr Finger Joint Fir 2x6, 2x8, 2x10, 24'-32' (varies)  sell sheet
SPF Studs: 2x4 & 2x6, 92-5/8", 96", 104-5/8" & 116-5/8"
Depending on market conditions our dimension lumber product brands change regularly...
Treated Lumber & Plywood
(treatments vary by branch, please inquire for more info)

Micronized Treated Lumber -

2x4 - 2x12, 8'-16', #1 & #2 SYP .05
1x4 - 1x8, 8' - 16', Ponderosa Pine & SYP .05
5/4x6 decking, premium, standard & prem PP .05
2x6 & 2x8 Centermatch and EZV #2 SYP .14
4x4, 8'-16' #2 .14
4x6, 8'-12' #2 .14
6x6, 8'-12' #2 .14
landscape timbers, balusters, lattice, fence & stringers

Privacy Fence manufactured by Tri-State Forest Products
Boards (1x)

Ponderosa Pine
1x4 - 1x12, 8'-16' #2 & #3
1x6 & 1x8 patt 116/wp4, 8'-16' #2

#2 ESLP premium (eased edge)
Canfor Wynnwood Premier
1x4 - 1x12, 8'-16'

1x4 C&Btr T&G reversable
flooring/ceiling beaded

Cedar S1S2E KD
     7/8" x 4", 6", 8", 10" & 12"

Furring Strips
1x2, 1x3 & 2x2 - 8'

Oak & Poplar
1x4 - 1x12. random length 250 bdft pack
Oak & Poplar Information Sheet

Some specialty patterns
(varies by branch)

Please inquire with your
local branch for availability.
CCA Treated Lumber
4x6, 14'-20' #2 .60
6x6, 14'-24' #2 .60
1/2", 19/32", 23/32" CDX .40

Borate Treated
2x4 - 2x8, 14' & 16' #2 SYP
Beaded Panel Products - 2 options

Option #1: SYP 1.6" on center satin bead

Option #2: RevBead
® reversible beadboard has a clear, smooth
Radiata Pine venner with a 2" on center bead pattern
ideal for stain-grade applications. The other side
has a primed 1.6" on center bead pattern
ready to use for pain-grade applications. For more information including installation, please click below.

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Shims - 42pc builder packs

Particle Board:

          11-1/4" & 15-1/4" x 145" Shelf (raw)
          1-1/8"x11-1/4"x42", 48" & 145" Tread
          1-1/8"x10-1/2"x48" & 145" Tread

Many other specialty panels may be available. Please check with your salesperson with inquiries.

We carry Oak & Birch hardwood plywood in 1/4", 1/2" & 3/4". Grades can vary based on availability
A high quality floor should begin with a high quality plywood underlayment. IronPly® plywood underlayment provides exceptional value and proven performance in a premium plywood underlayment. For Installation, Warranty & FAQ visit the
IronPly Website.
RevolutionPly® plywood is made from 100% plantation and sustainable wood sources and contains absolutely no tropical hardwoods. You can now replace Lauan plywood/Meranti plywood and other tropical hardwood plywood with RevolutionPly® plywood, which is a better product and a better alternative that does not negatively impact the world's rainforests. Every panel has an A grade face veneer. For installation, Warranty & FAQ visit the
RevolutionPly Website.
Over the last 25 years, SurePly® plywood underlayment has proven to be the clear inidustry leader in performance, value, and quality for premium plywood underlayment. For installation, warranty & FAQ visit the
SurePly Website
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We also carry exterior glue 5.2 BB/CC Lauan
in a non-warrantied option.
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